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About Us

My name is Joshua Lewis, the creator, and director of Animal Esteem Exotic. I always wanted to live my passion and be happy with what I did. For as long as I could remember, I've always had a powerful love of animals. Interacting with them and observing their different behaviors and personalities have made me more curious about them throughout my life. Of course, I have never been disappointed by what I've learned. With wildlife, there is literally always something new to discover. More than anything, I found that my place of comfort is being beside these magnificent marvels that exist in our world. This guy is one of the members of my animal family, Dragon the bearded dragon.


Past and present travels involving wildlife has inspired me to bring to others all that I have learned. Others need to know what it feels like to get up close and personal with exotic animals. Many have only seen certain animals from a distance or on TV. I wanted to bring the wildlife closer to the public in any way possible. Over the last few years, I have developed an educational program that would make it easier for people to get eye-to-eye with unique creatures and leave with a newly found respect for them that they didn't have before. Today, I now host and direct hands-on interaction and educational sessions with exotic animals. This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to learn about animals and actually connect with them on a personal level. We learn so much more about things when we see and hear them in action for ourselves. That proved to be true for me when my brother and I met Bubbles the elephant and these awesome tiger girls.


Animal Esteem Exotic offers the public astounding opportunities to have amazing encounters with exotic wildlife. My goal is to make these moments truly unforgettable for everyone. These interactions are fun, truly mesmerizing, and immersive for all to be apart of. Being able to pet and observe our beautiful ambassadors is breathtaking all by itself. You'll get to hear so many interesting facts and stories about them all. I, as an animal lover, highly recommend that you allow yourself and others to be part of this experience. We have made it possible for you to book animal encounters with us through our website. They are truly enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for everyone and will leave a lasting impression on you about exotic animals.

*Currently, due to COVID-19, we are not hosting in-person animal encounters. We do host live virtual encounters with our animal ambassadors. Contact us for details.

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